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Best Far Infrared Arthritis Gloves

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Prolotex™ Arthritis Gloves - FIR Relieves Pain

Are you suffering with Arthritis Pain Prolotex™ Arthritis Open Finger gloves are specially designed with bio-ceramic thread to effectively deliver the safe, natural pain-relieving power of far infrared rays.

Soothing infrared rays emitted from the gloves gently penetrate deep into the tissues of your hands and joints. Far Infrared Rays (FIR) actually stimulates a number of positive biological changes in the cells of your body. FIR increases cellular metabolism and dilates the tiny blood vessels and capillaries in your hands. This action helps relieve your pain.

Prolotex™ 3/4 Open Finger Gloves are comfortable to wear at night and during the day. Prolotex™ partial finger Arthritis Glove can be worn as often as you like, and you don't need batteries or electrical outlets.

Everyday common repetitive tasks performed with your hands, like operating a computer mouse, are now causing all kinds of new ailments. In this new age of technology, more and more people are suffering from debilitating arthritic finger joint pain.

Most pain-relieving products on the market today only address the symptoms of your pain and not the problem. Although, some topical ointments and sprays can be effective at stopping the pain signals to your brain, they're not helping to repair or rejuvenate your hands. This is what makes Prolotex™ Arthritis Gloves different!