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Prolotex Far Infared Gloves - Only the best for your Arthritis Pain


New Improved Model
Far Infrared Bio Ceramic Gloves for Arthritis

Skew: PRO-G22
Color: Black
Model: 3/4 Open Finger
5 Sizes: Small
Sug. Retail 59.95 US
Your Price: $43.95 US

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Wrista Gloves
Bio Ceramic Gloves
for Arthritis Wrist Pain

Skew: PRO-G31
Color: Black or Scarlett
5 Sizes: XSmall
Sug. Retail: $49.95 US
Starting at: $34.95 US

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Bio Ceramic Socks
for Arthritis

Arthritis Socks in White or  Black

Skew: PRO-S31
Color: Black or White
Model: Relaxed Fit
5 Sizes: Small
Sug. Retail $59.95 US
Your Price: $39.95 US

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Comfort Fit
Bio Ceramic Socks
for Arthritis

Arthritis Socks

Skew: PRO-S01
Color: Black or White
Model: Comfort Fit
4 Sizes: Small
Sug. Retail $48.75 US
Your Price: $39.00 US

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Arthritis Gloves - FIR Relieves Pain

Are you suffering with Arthritis Pain? Prolotex™ Arthritis Open Finger gloves are specially designed with bio-ceramic thread to effectively deliver the safe, natural pain-relieving power of far infrared rays.

Soothing infrared rays emitted from the gloves gently penetrate deep into the tissues of your hands and joints. Far Infrared Rays (FIR) actually stimulates a number of positive biological changes in the cells of your body. FIR increases cellular metabolism and dilates the tiny blood vessels and capillaries in your hands. This action helps relieve your pain.

Prolotex™ 3/4 Open Finger Gloves are soothing and comfortable to wear at night and during the day. Prolotex™ partial finger Arthritis Glove can be worn as often as you like, and you don’t need batteries or electrical outlets.

Everyday common repetitive tasks performed with your hands, like operating  a computer mouse, are now causing all kinds of new ailments. In this new age of technology, more and more people are suffering from debilitating arthritic finger joint pain. 

Most pain-relieving products on the market today only address the symptoms of your pain and not the problem. Although, some topical ointments and sprays can be effective at stopping the pain signals to your brain, they’re not helping to repair or rejuvenate your hands. This is what makes Prolotex™ Arthritis Gloves different!


your gloves are amazing, within days I was able to flex my fingers more than I have been able to within the last two years. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and just wish you did a full body suit for the bad days. Have you thought about a tubular design for knees and elbows? I am sure it would appeal to a lot of people. Thank you for your product.

sue g

Easy to Wear pain relief

The fibers of Prolotex™ material are fused with a special bio-ceramic formula that emits natural far infrared rays deep into the tendons, joints, ligaments and soft tissues of your hands and fingers.

Scientifically engineered to help relieve pain and reduce swelling, Prolotex™ Far-Infrared Arthritis Gloves increase circulation at the molecular level. Increased cellular activity enhances the delivery of fresh nutrient-rich,  oxygenated blood to vital areas of affliction. This activity will reduce pain and promote healing.

If you are living with the tormenting symptoms of painful achy hands, and your finger joints are stiff, swollen, sore or painful, then your going to want to try a pair of Prolotex™ Open Finger Far Infrared Arthritis Gloves.


First of all I want to congratulate you on your product. My husband complained of pain and swollen joints in his hands for years. Within 2 weeks, the pain and swelling had reduced. Now there is hardly any there.

My mum has arthritis. She is in alot of pain. We are ordering her open finger gloves (she is a piano teacher) and the new socks that you have out.

She has taken some convincing but also asked if you had anything that she could use to place on her knee. She has quite a bit of pain in her knees.

I couldn't see anything but said, I would write and ask you.

If you could get back to me when you can, I would appreciate it. However we will go ahead and order the gloves and socks.

Thank you and well done! I am so impressed with your product.
Shar D.



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